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Neurotrauma Research Program

The Neurotrauma Research Program is bringing neuroscientists, neurosurgeons and clinicians together in collaborative research programs that are improving the lives of people affected by brain and spinal cord injury in Western Australia.

Opportunities and incentives are available to maintain Western Australia as a significant contributor to global neurotrauma research.

The NRP’s mission is to support projects that help the community to avoid trauma to the nervous system, explore mechanisms to minimise nerve damage and therapies to restore normal neural function. The ultimate goal is to ensure that nobody has to live with permanent disability from spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.

In February 2018, the NRP relocated to the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science. The Perron Institute’s research focus on neural disorders aligns strongly with the NRP’s mission of supporting projects that study ways to avoid nervous system (brain and spinal) trauma; explore mechanisms to minimise nerve damage; and develop therapies to restore normal neural function.  


21 August 2018

The NRP invites grant applications for research projects of one –year duration to be submitted by Friday 28 September 2018.

Please complete the Grant Application Form and refer to the Guidelines for Applicants for details.

Guidelines for Applicants

Grant Application Form


30 July 2018


Insurance Commission announces next round of neurotrauma research grants

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (Insurance Commission) will fund two new neurotrauma research projects via the Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP) located at the Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute. Read ICWA Media Release…


29-30 November 2018

SWAN – Symposium of Western Australian Neuroscience

The annual SWAN – Symposium of Western Australian Neuroscience – will be held over two days this year on 29th – 30th November 2018 at the Harry Perkins Institute in Nedlands.

There are international, national and local thought leaders speaking on a variety of topics including Dr Dan Burns from the USA on Dementia for the Allen Roses Memorial Lecture and Professor Allan Kermode from the Perron Institute on MS and Myelin disorders.

Professor Lindy Fitzgerald, head of Neurotrauma research at the Perron Institute, and A/Professor Jenny Rodger, head of Brain Plasticity Research at the Perron Institute are part of the organising committee.

View the flyer here…