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Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Research

Research Focus

Dr Rakesh Veedu and his team’s research is focused on novel functional nucleic acid-based biotechnologies for developing target–specific therapies for neurological diseases, inherited/genetic disorders, and solid cancers.

Specifically, research involves the development and applications of:

  • Nucleic acid aptamers
  • Antisense oligonucleotides
  • siRNA and antimiRs
  • DNAzymes

Dr Veedu is also an Honorary Fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences.

Head of Research


Dr Hadi Al Shamaileh: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mr Bao Tri Le: PhD Student

Ms Madhuri Chakravarthy: PhD Student

Mr Suxiang Chen: PhD Student

Mr Kamal Rahimizadeh: Visiting PhD Student

Mr Venkatesh Gavini: PhD student (University of Queensland, Associate Supervisor)

Ms Milena Fratini: Honours Student

Ms Michelle Stephen: Honours Student

Ms Sally Paine: Honours Student

Ms Prithi Raguraman: Visiting Student



  • Dr Rakesh Veedu, Honorary Research Fellowship, SCMB, University of Queensland (2015-2017)
  • Best Young Scientist Lecture Award (SCNAC, Czech Republic, 2008)

  • Francine Kroesen Travel Fellowship, Annual award for an outstanding student, University of Queensland (2003)

  • Graduate School Research Travel Award, University of Queensland (2003)


  • McCusker Charitable Foundation Fellowship, Veedu RN, 2015-2019 $600,000
  • Ghrelin axis as a target for prostate cancer therapy, NHMRC Project Grant, 2014-2016 $566,226
  • Western Australia Dept. of Health – Merit Award 2016, $75,000
  • Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia (MSRA) – Incubator Grant 2016, $24,850
  • University of Queensland Research Fellowship, $278,000; 2010-2013
  • University of Queensland Teaching Fellowship, ResTeach, $23,480; 2011
  • University of Queensland Early Career Research Grant, $22,000; 2011


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Edited Book

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Book Chapter

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